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Gazumping And Gazundering - Perils Of An Uncertain Market

Our conveyancing legal team consider the practices of gazundering and gazumping, and how your solicitor can help you reduce the risks

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What Is A Declaration Of Trust?

What is a Declaration of Trust? Why is it important to have one in place and when should you be considering it? Our legal team explains...

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At What Age Should You Consider Writing A Will?

At what age should you consider writing a will? Our wills and probate legal team explains here...

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The Perils Of A DIY Will

DIY wills are declared invalid or result in problems that require court intervention more commonly than wills that have been professionally drafted...

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Information To Provide When Selling Your Home

Our conveyancing legal team explain what information you must provide when selling your home.

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Seven Reasons To Register Your Property

Our conveyancing solicitors discuss the advantages of registering your property at the Land Registry if it is not already registered

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Making A Best Interests Decision Under An LPA

The Mental Capacity Act sets out various factors that you must consider when deciding what is in another person’s best interest.

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Best Practice When Acting As An Executor

You should ensure that you understand the role and are willing to take on the responsibility before starting to act as an executor

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Christmas Markets Worth Visiting This Christmas

The festive season has arrived! To celebrate and get in that festive spirit, we look at some Christmas markets worth visiting this year

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Buy-To-Let Hotspots In 2023

Purchasing a buy-to-let property? Before you get started, check out some of these most popular and profitable areas in England this year

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Avoiding Common Problems With Beneficiaries

No matter how big or small a beneficiary’s entitlement, problems can sometimes occur. Being aware of common problems can help you be better prepared.

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Reporting Duties For A Financial Deputy

Financial deputies must report annually to the Office of the Public Guardian under strict legal requirements, make sure you know the rules.

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Selling Property Through The Modern Method Of Auction

Our conveyancing team look at what you need to know if you are selling a property through the modern method of auction

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Are Mirror Wills Right For Us?

Mirror wills allow you to make a joint decision as to how your estates should pass and who should ultimately benefit.

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UK Areas Where Properties Are Selling The Quickest In 2023

It’s been a busy year so far throughout the property market, and it promises to continue being busy as we head into the second half of the year...

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Spring Clean Your Finances With Remortgage

Looking to raise extra funds as we head into the second half of the year? Have you considered spring cleaning your finances by remortgaging your home?

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Is Now A Good Time For First-Time Buyers?

Our conveyancing solicitors look at what you need to consider before deciding whether now is the right time to buy your first home.

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Selling A Property After Someone Has Died

Our conveyancing solicitors offer advice for personal representatives selling a property after a death

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Purchasing A Second Property: Key Things To Know

If you’re in the market for a second property, these are some of the key things that are worth knowing beforehand...

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Local Land Charges - Your Questions Answered

Our conveyancing solicitors looks at local authority searches and answers your questions on local land charges.

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Christmas Markets To Visit This Year

The festive season is here! To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of Christmas markets worth visiting this year...

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Selling A Property To Downsize

Our residential property solicitors consider some of the conveyancing and other aspects of selling your home to downsize.

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Help To Buy Equity Loan Deadline Approaching

As the Help to Buy: Equity Loan application deadline approaches, check out what you need to do in order for your clients to secure in time...

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Legal Steps To Consider When Diagnosed With A Life-Limiting Illness

Our wills and probate solicitors consider some of the legal steps you should think about if you have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

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Selling A Rental Property: What You Need To Know

Our property solicitors explain how they can help you sell your rental property with or without tenants in place

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UK Locations Where Properties Are Selling The Quickest

It’s been a busy year so far throughout the property market! But where in the UK are properties selling the quickest? We take a look…

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GWlegal Make Final Shortlist At The SFI Awards 2022

We are finalists at the SFI Awards 2022! Read more about the category we are finalists in and the awards ceremony here...

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Help To Buy Deadline Brought Forward

The help to buy application deadline was recently brought forward. You can read about it and what this means for homebuyers here...

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GWlegal Is A Finalist At The Moneyfacts Awards 2022

GWlegal are delighted to confirm we have made the final shortlist at the Moneyfacts Awards 2022! Read more about the category we’re in here…

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Spring Surge Predicted In The Property Market

A Spring surge is predicted throughout the property market this March. Read more about it here and find out how we can help…

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UK First-Time Buyer Numbers Hits Highest Levels In Over 20 Years

First-time buyer numbers have hit its highest levels in over 20 years. You can read more about it and what it means for homebuyers here...

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GWlegal Make Final Shortlist At The 2021 Mortgage Introducer Awards

We are delighted to confirm that we have made the final shortlist at the 2021 Mortgage Introducer Awards! Read more about it here...

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Home Buying Hits Highest Level Since 2007

During the second quarter of 2021, home buying activity hit its highest level since 2007! Read more about it here...

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Demand For Houses Remains High Heading Into Autumn

Reports suggest that activity throughout the property market both in terms of selling and purchasing will remain high heading into autumn...

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£500 Cashback Remortgage Deal

Learn more about our £500 cashback remortgage deal and secure it for your clients today...

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Combined Sale & Purchase Deal

Our fantastic combined sale and purchase deal is here to stay throughout 2021 and onwards for your conveyancing clients...

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UK Areas Where Properties Are Selling Quickest

Where are properties selling quickest throughout the UK? We take a look here…

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Questions First-Time Buyers Should Be Asking

If you’re a first-time buyer, there are a range of questions you need to be asking before getting a property purchase underway…

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The UK Property Market Has A ‘Spring’ In Its Step This Month

The recent spring budget announcement provided some excellent benefits for homebuyers and the property market as a whole throughout March…

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GWlegal Make The Final Shortlist At The Moneyfacts Awards 2021

GWlegal are delighted to have made the final shortlist at the Moneyfacts Awards 2021! Read more about the category we're in here...

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Budget 2021: The Key Points You Need To Know

Chancellor Rishi Sunak made his Budget 2021 speech earlier this week. Find out what key announcements were made, here...

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Stamp Duty Holiday Deadline Approaching

We take an in-depth look into all things stamp duty and the stamp duty holiday cuts ahead of the upcoming deadline on 31 March 2021

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Housing Market Avoids Second Lockdown As Demand Hits 16-Year High

There's some good news for the housing market as it avoids a second lockdown, with demand hitting a 16-year record high...

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GWlegal Make Longlist For The Conveyancing/Legal Business Of The Year Award

We're happy to announce that we've made the longlist! We now need your votes to help us make the final shortlist!

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Help To Buy Equity Loans

Our property team provides a detailed insight into help to buy equity loans and how we can help your clients...

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House Prices Reach All-Time Monthly High In 16 Years

House prices hit an all-time monthly rise in August, for the first time in 16 years. Find out what this may mean for the market going forward...

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House Prices Start Bouncing Back Following Stamp Duty Cut Announcement

House prices throughout England have started bouncing back following the recent introduction of stamp duty cuts...

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Why You Should Trust GWlegal With Your Conveyancing And Remortgage Needs

Here's just a few reasons why you should trust GWlegal when it comes to dealing with your conveyancing and remortgage needs...

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You Can Now Move House As The Housing Market Comes Out Of Lockdown

Good news! The housing market has come out of lockdown! We take a look at what this means for those looking to buy and sell properties...

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A GWlegal Update For All Our Brokers & Clients

We would like to provide an update for all our brokers and clients during the lockdown...

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GWlegal Makes The Shortlist At The Moneyfacts Awards 2020

GWlegal is delighted to announce it has made the shortlist for a conveyancing award at the Moneyfacts Awards 2020! Read more here...

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Top Tips For Working At Home

In light of the recent government advice for more workers to start working from home, we've put together some top tips to get you started...

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Buy-To-Let Market Update

2020 is set to be a big year for buy-to-let. Check out the latest in the buy-to-let market update...

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First-Time Buyers Market Hits Record High For First Time In Over 12 Years

Recent reports suggest that the first-time buyer market has hit record highs for the first time since 2007! We take a look into why this is happening

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6 Property Hot Spots For Smart Investors In 2020

Is 2020 the year your clients start investing in properties? If so, check out these six property hot spots...

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How Non-Conventional Clients Can Secure The Best Remortgage Deal

It seems like remortgage is a hot topic in the property world at the minute! Find out how non-conventional clients can secure the best deal here...

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Remortgage Update: The Boom Continues But Clients Must Shop Around

The boom in the remortgage market continues but clients are being advised to shop around, find out why here...

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Remortgage Market Update

For the latest on the remortgage market at the moment, read more...

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An Update On Renting Homes

We provide an update for those renting homes and the possibilities of becoming homeowners in the future...

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Older Generation Refuse To Downsize

It's being reported that more of the older generation are refusing to downsize. We take a look into what this means for young buyers in the market...

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Bank Of Mum And Dad

As it continues to rise in popularity, we take a look at the "bank of mum and dad" and why it continues to boom...

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How Is Brexit Affecting The Property Market?

As Brexit continues to be a hot topic of conversation in the news, we look at how it's affecting the property market...

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Landlords Lead Remortgage Boom

According to new figures, it appears landlords are leading the remortgage boom as they look to remortgage within the next 12 months...

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First-Time Buyer Market Boom

Are you a first-time buyer? Well there has recently been a boom in the market, across all regions of the UK. Read more about it here…

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Will A Bigger Home Make Me Happier?

We've all dreamed about owning a big home, but have you ever thought whether or not it'd make you any happier?...

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More Retirees Than Ever Are Investing In Buy-To-Let

More retirees are investing in Buy-To-Let than ever before. Find out why this is the case...

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Get Ready - Remortgage Work Is Set To Boom

It looks like remortgage work is set to boom in the near future, read more about it here...

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What Is The Summer Solstice And What Should I Do For It?

The summer has finally arrived! Find out what summer solstice is all about here...

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GWlegal Nominated For National ‘Best Conveyancer’ Award

GWlegal has been nominated for the national 'Best Conveyancer' award at the upcoming SFI Awards 2019...

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GWlegal Launches Exclusive Broker Loyalty Scheme

Introducing our loyalty scheme for our brokers. If, like us, you're a fan of prizes, surprises and MORE then GWrewards is for you...

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Mother's Day Gifts 2019

Here are some of the most unique gifts you can get your Mum this Mother's Day...

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Remortgage Bridge Offer

Do not want to miss out on this limited time offer, which promises huge savings for your clients...

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GWlegal Is A Finalist At The 2019 Moneyfacts Awards

We are eager to share this news with our mortgage brokers...

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International Women's Day | Women in Law

2019 marks 100 years since the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act was passed, which means women could finally practise law - woo! #BalanceForBetter

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20% Off Our Remortgage Bridging Cases| Offer Expired

You do not want to miss out on this limited time offer for your clients...

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Lenders Drop Their Rates

Some good news for brokers in 2019, lenders have just dropped their rates which is great for first-time buyers...

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Our Exclusive First Time Buyer Service

Introducing our dedicated service for First Time Buyers, which promises a jargon fee, personalised conveyancing service...

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GWlegal Launches Online Bridging Purchase Questionnaire for Clients

It's time for conveyancing to get digital...

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£500 Cashback Deal For Remortgage

Our cashback product is back for another exciting year! If a lender is offering a cashback alternative chose GW...

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Combined Sale And Purchase Offer For Clients

Do you have clients that are looking to buy and sell at the same time? Well it's never been easier thanks to our combined offer...

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20% Off Our Conveyancing Service For Your Clients

We have an early new year gift for your clients. For a limited time only we'll be offering 20% off our legal fee...

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GWlegal Launches Online Purchase Questionnaire

We've got an early Christmas present for you and your clients, which promises quicker turnaround times for our mortgage brokers...

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2018 | A Year In Review

From climbing mountains to jumping out of planes you can bet our team have done it all. Here are our 2018 best bits....

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Anthony Terry Joins GWlegal As IT Head

The team would like to say a very warm welcome to Anthony who joins our IT team...

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I Am Delighted By The SRA’s New Transparency Rules

Business Development Manager, Teresa Abols, discusses her opinions on the new SRA rules and why at GW we're pleased that the changes are happening...

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GWlegal Wins Best Conveyancing/Legal Business Of The Year

We are excited to be able to share the news with our partners, clients and brokers. Three cheers for team GW...!

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GWlegal Is Shortlisted For Conveyancing/Legal Business Of The Year

We are so excited to be able to share this news with our clients and brokers, thank you to everyone who voted for us and got us to this stage!

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Indulge With Every Conveyancing Instruction - Free Wine!

It's almost Christmas, right?! We have a brand new offer for our introducers, so you can celebrate every instruction with GW...

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Win A Free HOLIDAY When You Remortgage With GWlegal

Instruct a remortgage with GW and you'll be in with a chance to win a £800 voucher towards your next holiday...

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Can You Guess How Many Young Adults Are Living At Home Still?

How many young people are struggling to get themselves onto the housing ladder? Emma Hall explains how to help first time buyers get their first home

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GWlegal Is A Finalist At The Equity Release Awards

We're so pleased to finally be able share this news with our clients and introducers. Thank you to everyone who voted and supported us...

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GWlegal Longlisted For Conveyancing/Legal Business Of The Year

The team is overjoyed to be able to share the news with our clients and partner organisations. We need your votes to get us into the next stage...

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Investing In Property Near A Good School

How much are people prepared to pay to get their children into a top school in the UK? New research reveals how much people really spend...

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Happy Birthday To Our Rebrand

It's been a whole year since we rebranded from Goldsmith Williams Solicitors to GWlegal! Here's some of our best bits since our rebrand...

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Will Your Clients Be Home For Christmas?

If you have a client looking to purchase a property for Christmas our property expert, Emma Hall, recommends instructing a solicitor now...

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HMO Licensing Changes | What You Need To Know

There has been a lot of shake-ups in the HMO world, and a recent court case is leading to yet more changes. Our Head of Property explains...

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How Will Interest Rate Rises Affect Your Clients Mortgage?

We've got some popcorn worthy news for our mortgage brokers! There has never been a better time for your clients to remortgage and here's why...

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Eddie Goldsmith Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Three cheers to Eddie as he walks into his retirement as Partner from GWlegal with a smile and a bottle of bubbly!!

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What Is Happening To The Buy-To-Let Market?

The popular town, Wimbledon, known for strawberries and cream and tennis has revealed some interesting facts about the BTL industy...

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Partner Eddie Goldsmith Retires from GWlegal

After 35 years as a devoted and well respected partner of GWlegal, Eddie Goldsmith retires from the firm.

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Why You Should Be Encouraging Your Clients To Buy

It's time to encourage your clients to step out of their comfort zone and out of the rental cycle. Here's how GW can help your property buyers...

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6 Months into 2018: What Have We Been Up To?

As part of our rebrand we sought to make 2018 one that our brokers would remember and we hope you've liked what you've seen so far...

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Meet T And Gav Our Business Development Managers

Introducing our GW #dreamteam...

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Equity Release Market Reaches £870 Million Mark In 2018

Good news for your clients who are looking into Equity Release in 2018 - the market is thriving and has huge benefits for your clients...

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GWlegal Partner Eddie Goldsmith Nominated for National ‘Business Leader’ Award

The awards are to be held in London this week and Eddie is hoping to win the award for the second year running...

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What Are The New HMO Changes?

If you have an aspiring or first time landlord of a HMO they need to seek professional, expert advice asap says our Head of Property Lynne McCaffrey.

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GWlegal Raises £3,986 In Support Of Dementia UK And Alzheimer’s Society

On Sunday 8th April 2018 over 40 members of GW staff from across their numerous departments climbed to the summit of Snowdon in Wales for charity

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How To Provide A Clear Conveyancing Process For Your First-Time Buyers

There is a call to provide a clearer conveyancing process for FTBs. Here our Head of Sales, Emma Hall, explains how GW is working with our FTBs.

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GWlegal launches the ‘BTL Toolbox’

To go alongside the recent release of GW Expert BTL the firm is pleased to introduce their new and improved BTL toolkit for brokers and clients alike

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GWlegal Wins Best Landlord Services Provider At Property Wire Awards

The firm celebrates their win for the second year running!

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GWlegal Launches Specialist BTL Service

The firm celebrates expert knowledge in complex BTL transactions

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Girl Power At GWlegal

GW celebrates women in law. Happy International Women's Day!

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Do My Clients Need A Residential Specialist Firm?

GWlegal has the experience that counts.

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Why You Must Instruct A Specialist Firm For Specialist Work

By Eddie Goldsmith, partner at GWlegal

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Why 2018 Is The Best Time For Your Clients To Remortgage

Interest rates are rising soon...

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GWlegal Climbs Snowdon To Support Dementia UK And Alzheimer’s Society

GW team member Fran Quinn shares his family's story

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Will The Mortgage Sector Be Able To Survive The Changes In Technology?

Read our advice from members of our IT Department, Marketing and Sales department.

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These are the London boroughs first-timers are buying homes in

The capital is a popular hot-spot for FTBs

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GWlegal launches dedicated, personalised First Moments service for first-time home buyers

We know how important those First Moments are in your new home...

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£800 Sale and Purchase Offer

New year, great new deals from GWlegal.

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Case study: How a small lie can destroy your entire personal injury case

By Kevin Smith, Personal Injury Manager at GWlegal

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Most people choose a law firm because of reputation, not price. Here are the reasons our clients stick with GW

A national firm with local values since 1984...

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Personal injury explained…It’s more than just road traffic accidents

Introducing our personal injury team...

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Will this be the most surprising property trend of 2018? By Emma Hall, Head of Sales at GWlegal

The property trends to watch this year.

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Packaged Bank Accounts | Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Paul Cahill explains how to claim if you were sold un-needed travel insurance or other policies by your bank

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Should your loved ones be able to gain access to your Facebook after you die? By Linda Cummins, Head of Wills & Probate at GWlegal

Linda Cummins has the answer to this difficult subject...

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Happy New Year, Landlords! Buy-to-let market set to boom in 2018, By Emma Hall

Its your time to shine Buy-to-letters

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Five reasons why you must check if you have PPI in 2018

Time is running out ...

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Three ways to beat the January blues this Blue Monday

It's not all doom and gloom ...

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What Is A Declaration Of Trust?

It is VITAL that homeowners have a Declaration of Trust

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Remortgage on the rise - more people than ever remortgage their homes

2018 is looking like a brilliant time to remortgage

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Press Release - GWlegal joins Ingard’s Conveyancing Panel

A warm welcome to Ingard brokers ...

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Why you cannot rely on your Next of Kin

What exactly is the difference between your Next of Kin and Lasting Power of Attorney?

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It’s back! Our £500 cashback deal for remortgage

Happy New Year from GWlegal

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A Year in Review at GWlegal

What a year it's been!

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Ten Reasons Solicitors Aren’t Scrooges (at GWlegal)

No-one does Christmas quite like GWlegal.

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Ask Emma Hall - Is Christmas the best or worst time to buy or sell a property?

Our property expert answers this frequently asked question...

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Love Christmas? These are the most festive places in the UK to buy your dream home

Or at least visit...

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Most Brits don't understand the value of remortgage

1 in 3 people think remortgage will not save them money

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First Time Home Buyer? These are the ‘hidden’ fees to look out for

Not all surprises are the good kind...

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Press Release - GWlegal launches remortgage cashback deal

Just ahead of the festive season...

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Cashback Christmas - £250 remortgage cashback is back

An early present for our introducers...

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Who are GWlegal - your brand new Goldsmith Williams Solicitors?

Some big changes, but we think you'll love the results

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Press Release - Goldsmith Williams rebrands to GWlegal

It's the firm's biggest transformation ever

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Couple binge on 109 drinks while ‘sick’ on holiday, as operators crack down on false compensation claims

The pair from Liverpool were holidaying in Gran Canaria

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Eddie Goldsmith nominated for best conveyancing business leader award

The awards are held in London this week..

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TV celeb demands £73m in compensation in a major financial claims case against Lloyds Banking

Bank spends funds on yachts and sex parties, destroying business...

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Five reasons to trust GWlegal with your PPI or other financial claim

We have claimed back more than £65m, for starters!

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Goldsmith Williams Solicitors to rebrand to GWlegal

Liverpool firm is set to undergo the biggest transformation in its 30 year history

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Can you guess how long it takes the average person to buy a house?

Deciding to buy a house takes less time than a car or sofa!

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The PI Reforms: Three reasons you should be concerned

Adele Whittle explains...

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GW celebrates its talented pool of female staff on International Women’s Day

Women were once refused admission to the Bar. Times have changed...

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This Wirral town is the best in England to live, according to new research

The outer Liverpool town comes out on top when it comes to quality of schools, access to green spaces, employment prospects, working hours, affordable

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We must invest in technology to succeed in 2017

Emma Coffey explains why conveyancers must think digitally...

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Homeowners make £15,000 more on remortgage than two years ago, research has found.

Homeowners across England and Wales, on average, remortgaged for around £15,000 more in 2016, than they did two years ago, new research from My Home M

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#lynneforthewin - Say hello to our Head of Property

Introducing Lynne...

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6 things you should know about buying a second property in 2017

Our property guru Emma Coffey explains…

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Staff get festive with charitable causes this Christmas - How can you get involved?

We want you!

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Four signs that winter is definitely coming to Merseyside

Winter is coming...

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Five reasons why Liverpool is great city to purchase your dream home

Some top reasons why Liverpool could be the city for you and your family, according to our property team

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Goldsmith Williams nominated for ‘Best Conveyancer’ at national SFI Awards

Goldsmith Williams is delighted to announce it has made the shortlist for the 2016 Specialist Finance Introducer (SFI) Awards.

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BLOG: It’s a Catch-22 for the property market, as housing availability declines

It has not been a great week for those considering the roofs that will remain over their heads in coming years, writes Emma Coffey

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Goldsmith Williams to relocate to new premises in the heart of the Liverpool commercial district

City centre law firm Goldsmith Williams has announced it will relocate to a new office space in the heart of the Liverpool commercial district.

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